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Deitch & Perone, P.C., recognizes that each client who visits our Monmouth and Union county offices brings his or her own unique set of circumstances and needs.
We listen. We strategize. We get results. That is what you want in a divorce lawyer in NJ.

Divorce Lawyers in NJ

Every divorce is difficult, our divorce attorneys handle all issues involving your marriage to the best possible solution.

Personal Injury Lawyers in NJ

Personal Injury
If you have been a victim of personal injury, you have a limited amount of time in which to file a claim.

Collaborative Law Lawyers

Collaborative Law
Resolving spousal disputes without going to court can be much faster and cost-efficient than a divorce that culminates in a full-blown trial.

Estate and Probate Lawyers

Estate and Probate
Having a will eliminates family squabbles and gives your heirs security and peace of mind.

Making a difference in the lives of our clients

As certified divorce lawyers in NJ, our priority is establishing a trusting relationship with our clients built on integrity and supported by our commitment to a high level of professional service.
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Certified Divorce Lawyer in NJ

Why Specialists Make the Best Divorce Lawyers in NJ

There are many lawyers out there who will simply say they are the best at every aspect of law. If you get into a car accident or getting a divorce or fighting over a property, they seem to be ready and fully specialized in every aspect of law you could think of. Yes, there are...
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How to Prove Adultery in Your NJ Divorce Case

We know when your spouse cheats on you, there is little to nothing he or she can do to salvage let alone reconcile the marriage. He/she have broken your vows, which makes it one of the only eight grounds for a divorce in NJ that allows you to file immediately. There are certain...
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BOUNDARY LINES Boundary lines are important since they accurately describe the property you own or are purchasing. When you are buying a home or other piece of property, it is important to have a survey done to determine the property boundary lines. Fences or buildings could be...
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Choosing a Certified Matrimonial Law Attorney in New Jersey

First, What is a certified matrimonial law Attorney? Certified matrimonial law attorney is a designation granted by the New Jersey Supreme Court to attorneys who are able to demonstrate sufficient levels of experience, education, knowledge and skill in matrimonial law practice....
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